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Here is an insight into the research and teaching activities I have been carrying out in the Centre des Matériaux of Mines-ParisTech.
My current interest is mainly focused on the physical properties of (very) soft macromolecular solids with a special emphasis on biomedical applications. With academic, clinical and industrial collaborators, we explore the connexions between the physical properties of these materials and their organization and interactions at the molecular level.
Since 2015, I have also joined the laboratory Soft Matter and Chemistry (now Molecular, Macromolecular Chemistry and Materials) at ESPCI Paris as a research associate. Our approach combines both mechanics and physical-chemistry with the aim of designing materials and processes for novel or enhanced performances that are of interest to clinicians and biologists.

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Check our work on the role of fluid transport in the adhesion between hydrogels and tissues!

(Michel et al. PNAS 2019)